Project goals

Main objectives of the project are:

  • The actual environmental assessment of spatial plans, sectoral policies and infrastructure, and the choice of appropriate solutions by researchers and inspection mechanisms.
  • Valid information on existing restrictions for the region and appropriate technology options for interested investors and public services.
  • Helping elected bodies (municipal, regional councils etc.) For taking decisions on investment applications.
  • The efficient processes in controls and management by the competent authorities.
  • Policies programming for protecting and improving the environment.
  • Administrative studies and research staff for environmental protection.

The Geo-Environmental Information System will provide information on:

  • The environmental situation in each location in relation to water resources, soil and atmosphere.
  • The existence of the most important investments (eg heavy industries, aquaculture) or diffuse sources of pollution (eg informal industrial concentration, mines, fish farms).
  • Existing research, studies and measurements on high-risk areas under consideration.
  • Land use and the legal status of any area.
  • Infrastructure Networks.